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Dailypost.org is an Internet news and services wholesaler and a member of the Associated Press. Its unique design and technology provides its readers and the websites of its daily newspaper, weekly newspaper, radio station, and TV station affiliates with the very latest national and international news and sports updated minute-by-minute around the clock.  It also provides outsourcing services which enable its affiliates to dramatically reduce the cost of operating their websites.

It also enables Internet blogs and merchants to attract more visitors and hold them longer by installing their own high quality news links at no charge so  that visitors can periodically check the news without leaving the blog or merchant’s website.

The updated news and sports constantly downloaded to its affiliates’ websites helps them attract more visitors. This generates more website revenues for the affiliates and drives more traffic to the affiliates’ core print and broadcast services.

Equally significantly, its affiliated newspapers and broadcast stations have  the option to outsource all or part of their website operations to the Dailypost to dramatically reduce their Internet and website-related costs while simultaneously increasing their appeal and traffic.  

For example, a newspaper or broadcast station website without outsourcing would require a minimum of four full time employees to constantly update the news around the clock seven days per week.  The alternative is to have a reader-discouraging news site with constantly outdated news and sports that discourages users and calls into question the integrity and usefulness of the affiliate’s primary revenue source.

The cost of handling of local news and local ads can also be reduced. The Dailypost can download the local news and local display ads as they are received. It can even totally operate the local site so its owner has no hosting fees or any other Internet expenses and no longer needs to have an expensive technician on its staff or on call. 

Outsourcing is not required. Affiliates may continue to operate their own websites with visitor-generating enhanced national and international news and sports being automatically downloaded.   Either way the affiliates’ revenues tend to be increased and their website-related costs greatly reduced. 

The news and website services the Dailypost provides daily and weekly newspapers, and radio stations and TV stations, enhances their websites to attract more visitors and thus more advertising revenues while at the same time dramatically reducing its affiliates’ website-related costs.  Thus the Dailypost makes heretofore marginally profitable websites of its media affiliates significantly more profitable. It also drives increased traffic to its media affiliate’s primary print or broadcast products which further increases their revenues and profits.

The Dailypost’s media affiliates prosper because the Dailypost provides them with a significantly better website in terms of attracting visitors and driving them to its main print or broadcast products. Moreover, it does so for a significantly lower cost. Accordingly, the Dailypost does not worry about losing affiliates and long-term affiliate agreements are available but not required.  

Dailypost.org is a wholly owned subsidiary of 21st Century Newspapers & Media LLC (Delaware).  The company is located at 57 East Delaware Place #4004-4006, Chicago Illinois, 60611. It can be reached by email at [email protected], by telephone at 312-867-1580, and by fax at 312-867-1584.

The company is actively seeking newspaper, broadcast station, and website affiliates.    

The company also believes major market print newspapers have a profitable future and that their recent profits and circulation declines can be reversed.  Accordingly, it is also seeking merger and acquisition opportunities related to major market newspapers, particularly those whose sales staff have considerable experience selling to national advertisers.

SUMMARY: Dailypost.org is an Internet news and services wholesaler and a member of the Associated Press.  Its unique design and technology enables daily and weekly newspapers, radio stations, and television stations to significantly increase the profitability of their websites’ and primary revenue generating activities by increasing their website traffic and dramatically reducing their website-related costs.