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Privacy Policy

The Daily Post is located in Chicago, Illinois.  It is a member of the Associated Press and 24 hours per day around the clock it provides visitors to its website with up-to-the-minute national and world news as well as sports, political, and entertainment news and columns.  It also provides newspapers and broadcast stations throughout the country with high quality website news services using the newspapers and broadcasters’ own URLs for a fraction of the cost they would otherwise have if they provide the services themselves.  The high quality of the newspaper and station websites tends to attract substantially more visitors and advertising revenues than they would otherwise enjoy.
The Daily Post uses secure servers and we do not and never will collect personal data about anyone. Accordingly, we can not, do not, and will not in any way sell, share, provide, or in any way transfer or show your personal data or that of anyone else to any person or organization.
Please contact us at [email protected] if you need clarifications or additional information of any kind.